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When Beyonce sings about positive body image but then photoshops a thigh gap into her own Instagram pics



Via #whatshouldwecallme

Meanwhile, another friend sent me Korean goodies to review! I love it! ❤️

A friend sent me goodies so I could review them. <3 Lovely stuff.

I love when my reviews and advice help my followers. These are @crabbyo721’s hands. At the end of June she sent me a message asking what I do to my nails. She knew I used to bite them and wanted help. I suggested for her to purchase a #BlissKiss cuticle oil pen. So she did and as you can see, it has helped her tremendously. cc:@simplenailarttips

Oh wow, its my #pureice polishes for being a Top Pure Ice Badge Holder #vivavoxbox. YAY!!! #InfluensterChamp

This just got here. Outside package says, @revlon. Inside, nothing but this. I have no clue. #mysterypackage

#Julep’s Queen Anne.

#julep’s Annette & Reiko
#notd #nailsofinstagram #fckyeahnailpolish #nailpolishaddict #lacquerlove #Manicure #nailpromote #nailstagram

September’s Julep Box preview. Window opens tomorrow.

September’s Julep Box preview. Window opens tomorrow.

#TheGiver’s been my favorite book for the past 20 years. Naturally, getting a polish from this collection was a must. #chinaglaze @thegivermovie @giverfilm @chinaglazeofficial #notd #nailsofinstagram #fckyeahnailpolish #nailpolishaddict #lacquerlove #Manicure #nailpromote #nailstagram

The “Wish you were here” bracelet by @puravidabracelets. Shout out to my JS Besties! ❤️

Yay!!!!!!! Attn #zoya lovers - Now you can get Ling FREE* with any $10 purchase PLUS you’ll receive free shipping!
- Use Code: LOVELING
- expires: 8/11/14 at 11:59pm EST ONLY.

The navy from yesterday was chipping badly. So I decided to go ahead and swatch the new colors. Polishes used: #OPI - Girls love Ponies, In True Stefani Fashion & *Wonderous Star. #Julep - *Braiden (*They were part of the last mani.)

The best moment on FB: When I block someone and I no longer have to read or see their stupidity ever again!!! Yep, it just happen.

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