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I’m getting that annoying itch. The one that makes me get an A-Line bob, side swipe bangs and these ^ red highlights. I must resist. I must not fall into temptation. Because after 2 weeks, the bangs will be constantly in my face aggravating me. My hair will be too short to tie it back. My hair color will fade and end up a sad mess. Just. Say. No! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

As C would say, “I cry!” :( #iwannagotocomiccon

Dear Followers: #ColorClub #nailpolish duos on #SALE with free shipping! http://www.zulily.com/invite/Polishmecrazy (cc: @nailthedeal )

This bottle brings my family together!!!! #awholelottacreamer #coffeelovers

After work, I became my friend’s guinea pig. O_O πŸ™Š #beautyispain

A little Haiku for my followers! #thestruggleisreal #nailpolishjunkie #fckyeahnailpolish #nailpolishaddict #lacquerlove #polishoholic #ilovenailpolish

I call this Tequilla Sunrise. Used @sinfulcolorsprofessional’s Anemone & Let’s meet. I got both from @pinchme_now. #pinchermoments

#ChristianLouboutin nail polish coming out next month. Price range: $50. #gettingthemall #inmydreams

I love my son and my husband, but I stay up after they’ve gone to bed, even if I’m exhausted, just so I can enjoy the silence in my house for as long as possible.

(via parentingconfessional)

Me, since 2000!Β  -Queues DM’s “enjoy the silence”-


My MIL found this at Ross and bought it for me. Its so pretty!

Loving this month’s @ipsy’s bag!!!! #ipsy

1. Mosaic Madness 2. Scattered & Tattered 3. Razzle me Dazzle me 4. Bling It On 5. Purple Freeze 6. Altered Reality (color changing with topcoat) 7. Avalanche 8. Altered Reality (w/o topcoat) 9. Warm me up 10. Piaf 11. Budding Romance 12. Sunday Funday

This is OPI’s Vision Of Love. Bordeaux is my favorite kind of red, But the clean up is horrid. It stains so much.
#notd #nailsofinstagram #fckyeahnailpolish #nailpolishaddict #lacquerlove #Manicure #nailpromote #nailstagram

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